I wanted to celebrate my mom this Mother's Day by highlighting some of her signature dishes.

Growing up, my mom would make fresh flour tortillas for the family.  It was something she didn't know how to do so when she married my dad he taught her how to make them. Then she taught me. She said he was so patient with her. It took her a long time to get them right. Sometimes they would  turnout hard and tasteless but my dad never said a thing about it. Eventually they turn out alright.

When I was in high school, Dad would work in the a.m. and Mom would work the swing shift 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. She would make the tortilla dough before she left for work and leave it for me to roll out and cook for our family dinner. It was a lonely job so I would call Janet (my across the street neighbor) to come over and keep me company. She would sit at the kitchen bar as I would make us fresh quesadillas and talk about boys. I never really made them from scratch, I just shaped and cooked them. Mom never measured anything so I can't give you her recipe. Although, I did find a recipe online that was pretty close. I've been meaning to try this recipe but I'm fond of corn tortillas. As my dad would call them "tortillas de palo." That means tortillas made out of wood, lol.

Jauja Cocina Mexicana

Another staple in my mom's kitchen is her homemade salsa! Chef Rick Bayless is always a great resource for Mexican cooking. I call him "My Husband" because I want him to cook for me all the time. My mom and I talk about him and his television series "Mexico - One Plate At A Time". This salsa is a family favorite!

Feliz Dia De Las Madres!

THANK YOU MOM!! xoxoxo

Note: Add lots of garlic too!!