Welcome to my first blog post:

I'm Alejandra! A former Cali gal, now a full fledged New Yorker. This  October will be my 20th year here in Brooklyn. Wow! It's hard to believe I've stayed here this long.

I say Brooklyn not NYC because Brooklyn is my New York. Many people outside of the city think of Manhattan as the city. As I was schooled early on, NYC is all 5 boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

I came to NYC in 1998 to find something I knew I couldn't find in Southern California. Los Angeles and Orange County are nice especially the weather but I knew I wanted to experience what life and living were really about. Boy, this place could eat you alive if you don't have the stomach for it.


I took this picture on a rainy day while sightseeing in Dumbo, Brooklyn with my niece Demi from California.

My goal in this blog is to share my experiences with you in hopes that it will inspire you and give you the courage to open your heart and soul to new people, places and ideas.

I'm not planning on writing a novel here because  if you're reading this here you can see that I have other things on my plate.

As I explore the world of blogging I want to feature some funny and interesting people that I've come across in the last 20 years. Also highlight the cool places, adventures and insights of being a designer/maker.

My friends are an array of performers, artists, musicians, food and fashion industry folks. I surround myself with lots and lots of talent. They are all warriors in my eyes and are on a continuous journey of personal reinvention.

I've seen the reinventing thing first hand and NYC is the perfect place to do it!


The spectacular view from Robert's Restaurant at Columbus Circle. I was  having Easter Brunch with my big brother G a few years ago.

Since we are on this journey together I'd  like to hear from you! So please share your thoughts or questions.











Me waiting for the F train in Manhattan