Hello Friends! 

I am Alejandra Remijio, a Clinton Hill, Brooklyn artist, who lives and creates locally, where my family’s influences are the strength of Copper Colored Gal Designs. As a young girl during the summer, I would sew and create from just a few yards of fabric with my grandmother, clothing for the up coming school year. It was so special to me to both learn technical skills and create such one of a kind pieces with my beloved grandmother. Not to mention my mother’s grace and elegance when dressing up for any event – she drew inspiration from the Mexican fashion and beauty displays, while lending me her exceptional eye for elegance.

Once I hit my teenage years and my sister and I were able to tag along with our older brother and his girlfriend, we would explore Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, when during the 1980’s was filled with glamorous vintage shops and trendy boutiques. I began to develop an edgy personal style, and immersed myself in both men’s and woman’s fashion. 

Always drawn to eclectic prints and textiles, I soon formed a collection, in which sparked my journey. In summer of 1998 I settled in New York City, and while climbing the ladder in the retail and wholesale industry, I was eager to create and inspire once again. I created Copper Colored Gal Designs, favoring table linens and accessories as the base of the brand, while incorporating trims and fabrics I collect from all around the world. 

All Copper Colored Gal Designs are hand crafted in my BK studio and have reached homes coast to coast of the United Stated, Bermuda, Canada, and Japan to name a few.  I am so proud of the growth and have been featured in New York Magazine, San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles. 

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you find something you truly love! For there is a story in every piece and an ounce of love in it’s stitching!